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The Just Student Jobs Country guide for gap year travel in Canada

Where to Go - Canada

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Population : 32,507,874

Literacy rate : 97%

Life expectancy at birth : male 76.59 yrs, female 83.5 yrs

Infant mortality rate : 4.82 deaths /1,000 live births

Population growth rate : 0.92%

GDP growth rate : 1.7%

GDP per capita : £16,000

Unemployment : 7.8%

Inflation rate : 2.3%

Climate : generally temperate, perma-frost in North

Time : GMT -5 (Eastern), GMT -6 (Central), GMT -7 (Mountain), GMT -8 (Pacific Standard)

Electricity: 120V ,60Hz

Websites :

Tourist site


Canada is a country of people who never lock their doors and are bristling with firearms but are just too nice go round shooting each other. Surprisingly this is not just Michael Moore proving a point, it’s actually true. This sort of makes Canada the cultural equivalent of Midhurst (small town in Southern England) on a Sunday afternoon, with the US occasionally turning up leaving litter and making a ruckus in the beer garden of the Fox and Hounds.

Canada is the second largest country in the world with a population smaller than that of England. Canadians have plenty of room to move about in and have thus developed a demeanor so pleasant it takes a little while to realize they are not being satirical.

This really is the country which taught all the others about landscape. Huge lazily rolling plains framed by majestic mountain ranges with thick carpets of forest binding it all together. 90% of the population is grouped on the East coast making it easy to avoid large conurbations should that fit your bill.

If you like the outdoors there really is a hell of a lot of it available here, excellent walking, skiing, climbing and other adventure activities - including some of the best “being flushed down a mountain side whilst clinging to a balloon” in the world – white water rafting as it is technically referred to.

In conclusion Canada is much more than an annex of it’s famous neighbour. It is a culturally civilised nation with it’s roots in both native and European history. If you have the chance try and see the Winter Carnival in Quebec (February) and in the summer the Montreal Jazz Festival (July). It is well worth a visit to Ottawa as well to truly see the difference between the French and English speaking Canadians.

Entry requirements

Most EU visitors don't need a visa to visit Canada. Entry stamps for visits of up to six months are free! How civilized.


No special shots here. But watch out for creepy crawlies and rabid things if touring the woods.

Getting Around

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