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The Just Student Jobs Country guide for gap year travel in South America - Guyana

Where to Go - South America

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Population : 765,283

Literacy rate : 98.8%

Life expectancy at birth : 65.5 years

Infant mortality rate : 33.26 deaths / 1000 births

Population growth rate : 0.26%

GDP growth rate : 1.9%

GDP per capita : $3,800

Inflation : 4.5%

Climate : Tropical with two main rain seasons (May – Aug, Nov – Jan)

Time : : GMT -6 Hrs

Though there are few large cities in Guyana, the capital city of Georgetown offers many attractions including the chance to sample Guyanan culture in the plentiful restaurants and bars, with Sheriff Street being particularly popular with tourists. Situated in the north of the country and on the Atlantic coast, Georgetown sits upon the opening to the Demerrara River. While most of the city is safe, common sense should be exercised when out walking alone or late at night, and low level crimes are common in some areas of the city.

But then, people don’t tend to travel to Guyana for the city living! Georgetown represents a convenient location from which to experience the various adventure activities available in Guyana. Due to its proximity to the forested bulk of the country, various operators offer treks and camping excursions into the jungle and beyond.

It is with its wealth of natural beauty and attractions that Guyana truly comes into its own. For those looking to explore the more remote parts of the country, the Kaieteur Falls represents a real natural highlight. With water dropping 741ft, this waterfall is the largest in the world, with water falling around five times further than that of Niagra Falls! Access, however, can prove to be difficult if not totally impossible. Located within the rainforest of Kaieteur National Park, chartered flights are available from Georgetown. For the ambitious traveller, mammoth 3-5 day structured excursions are operated. Such treks can be greatly rewarding and give travellers the opportunity to experience the dramatic and tropical jungle surroundings of the region.

Largely unspoilt and unexplored, Guyana is about four fifths covered by think rainforests and vegetation. To the west the landscape gives way to rocky mountain ranges, which includes Mt Roraima, with its summit 9094 ft high. The many rivers found throughout the country offer various watersports including white water rafting.

Entry requirements

UK citizens can stay in Guyana for up to 30 days without a visa, and can apply for longer stays once in the country.


Malaria is common in many areas of the country, including the thick forest central region. Cases of Dengue fever and cholera are also found.

Gap Year Programmes

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Argentina | Brazil | Chile| Colombia
Ecuador | Guyana| Peru | Venezuela

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