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Event Catering/ Food Outlet Staff Required for The Open

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    Sandwich, Kent

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We are recruiting for experienced staff to work at The Open, Royal St. George's in Sandwich this Summer!

Roles & Responsibilities:
- Prepares food either by heating it up or cooking it to order using portable cooking appliances (grills, fryers, hot plates, etc.)
- Serves diners food
- Answers questions about the food
- Knows the ingredients in the food and whether each dish is vegetarian, can trigger allergic reactions, or satisfies other dietary restrictions
- Knows enough about the event to direct diners to the restroom and points of interest
- Loads a truck with food, cooking appliances, and decor
- Works during the breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours
- Makes sure food supplies are kept stocked
- Cleans up food spills and keeps the service area presentable
- Accepts payments for food and drink and counts out change
- Maintains an excellent customer-service based attitude and always tries to provide for the diner
- Throws out rubbish

This position would suit individuals who have an interest in Golf and are experienced in one or more of the following: food preparation, catering, waiting, bar-tending, working at a food outlet, cafe or restaurant work.

Successful individuals will be friendly, used to working in the service environment, have a positive attitude, attention to detail and great communicators

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