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Hospitality Jobs in Japan

  • Job Location

    Across Japan

  • Start date

    All Year Round

  • Duration

    All Year Round

  • Job Benefits

    120,000 - 140,000 Yen a month (around 800-900 British Pounds)


Work in bars, restaurants, hotels and ski resorts in Japan with our job-finding support. BUNAC offer working holidays in Japan for up to 12 months, where you can work and travel in this beautiful country. 

Typical working-holiday jobs include:

  • Waiters, waitresses and servers in restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains
  • Retail and sales assistant in shops
  • Fruit pickers and farm workers
  • Room attendants, front desk staff or instructors in hotels, ryokans (traditional Japanese guest-houses)
  • English Teachers

It is not essential to speak Japanese in Japan, although it may help you land a job. We offer Japanese language lessons as part of our support on the Work Japan programme.

What you get with BUNAC: 

  • Online orientation (around 60 min) including Intercultural training
  • Meet and greet at Narita or Haneda Airport (in the Greater area of Tokyo) with transfers by public transport to your accommodation
  • 1 week or 1 month arrival accommodation
  • Full support in finding a job and working in Tokyo, including: 
  • An in-depth job counselling session
  • Translating your CV to Japanese
  • Accompanied appointment at the employment centre
  • Providing numerous job offers from other sources on an individual case-by-case basis
  • Plus more...

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    Must be aged 18-30.

    No experience required. 

    About us

    At BUNAC we've been enabling life-changing working adventures worldwide since 1962. 

    Our Work Japan programme is our newest working holiday, and it's going to change your life. Work and travel in Japanese cities

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