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Housekeeping Staff

  • Job Location

    Various Ski Resorts in British Columbia & Ontario - Canada

  • Start date

    Late November

  • Duration

    4-6 Month Contracts

  • Job Benefits



Discover the best ski slopes Canada has to offer, and earn money while doing it by working as a Housekeeper one of BUNAC’s Work Canada programmes!

You will be required to deliver food and beverages to the tables of the guests, and fulfil the needs of those guests. You must be able to demonstrate a high level of customer service as you will be interacting with customers throughout the day.

This role may require a Serving it Right certificate, which can be done online.

Why Housekeeping?

Make the Job Your Own 
The beauty of housekeeping jobs is that whatever your working style and preference, the job allows you to work to the beat of your own drum. As you’ll be working in a team, the role can be very social, however if you prefer working alone sometimes you can plug your headphones in and crack on! 

The Choice is Yours 
All resorts on our programmes offer housekeeping positions so there are no limitations on where you want to spend the season. Even better – you could secure the job before you go on our Work Canada Ultimate programme! 

CV Development 
There are so many unrivalled soft skills you can develop whilst working a ski season. Your communications skills will be enhanced day by day as you work in a team or chat to customers and guests. You will most likely be working with people from all over the world and, apart from the opportunity to make lifelong friends, you will be exposed to so many awesome cultures. You’ll also gain firsthand experience of how other countries operate.

And Most Importantly, More Time to Hit the Slopes! 
Your time on the slopes will be abundant compared to other roles. You’ll most likely work mornings/evenings which leaves the WHOLE DAY to ski on your own time. With this on top of your days off, you can explore the mountains till your hearts content. 

Sounds like your cup of tea? If you have any questions, or want to start planning your ski season, email us at [email protected] or give the team a call on 0333 999 7516


British passport holder aged 18-30.

About us

With the majestic mountains of the West and vibrantly diverse cities of the East, it's not hard to see Canada's appeal. BUNAC has been sending young people on working holidays to this glorious country for over 30 years, and with

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