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Work Opportunities Australia

  • Job Location


  • Start date


  • Duration

    12 months

  • Job Benefits

    Variety of packages available


With the economy in Australia being so strong at the moment, there are
plenty of jobs available! Check out some of the roles below:

Hospitality, Bar and Restaurant Work
Average pay: $16 - $19 AUD per hour
Roles include: receptionists, waiting staff, chefs, kitchen assistants,
housekeepers, event stewards, bar and country pub staff! To work behind the bar in Australia you'll need to complete an RSA (Responsible
Service of Alcohol) course which we can arrange for you.

Fruit Picking and Farm Work
Average Pay: $15 - $20 AUD per hour
Fruit picking and harvest jobs are available all year round. Farm work
includes stablehands, station workers, machinery and agricultural jobs.
Accommodation is quite often provided with these types of roles and it
is a great way to combine work and travel!

Average Pay: $18 - $19 AUD per hour
Staff are needed to work on summer camps that offer childcare before
and after school and during the summer holidays (December- January). If
you already have childcare experience you could also consider working as an Au Pair and live and work with an Australian family for 6 months.

Office, Sales and Marketing
Average Pay: $600 AUD per week
Office assistants, administrators, receptionists, sales and marketing
postions! These jobs can be well paid and you often receive commission
for sales jobs on top of your basic salary.

Remote and Unusual Locations
Average Pay: $800 - $900 AUD per week
You could find yourself working on a remote island out near the Great
Barrier Reef, an Ayres Rock resort, a Fairground or a theme park! These
roles definitely offer a once in a lifetime experiences!

So what are you waiting for? the job possibilities are endless!


A Working Holiday Visa is required if you wish to work in
Australia. This visa is available to young people aged between 18
and 30.

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