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The Just Student Jobs Country guide for gap year travel in Kenya

Where to Go - Africa

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Population : 33.8 million
Literacy rate : 85.1%
Life expectancy at birth : 47.99
Infant mortality rate : 61.47 deaths / 1000 births
Population growth rate : 2.56%
GDP growth rate : 2.2%
GDP per capita : $1,100
Inflation : 9%
Climate : Tropical in coastal regions, dryer in land
Time : Nairobi, capital: GMT + 3 Hrs

Websites :

Up to date information on Kenya, including visa procedures, can be found at

Country Guide

Kenya is a diverse and captivating country with geographical features emulating the vast array of actvities on offer. The country’s two major cities, coastal Mombasa and capital Nairobi offer comfortable modern city living. The cosmopolitan sea port of Mombasa demonstrates real cultural diversity; it is a place where many different religions and cultures meet. The city is situated off the coast of mainland Kenya and it is connected by a series of spectacular bridges. Old town markets and the sixteen century Fort Jesus stand alongside busy commercial activity in the city’s lively harbour area.

The nation’s capital, Nairobi, has become a flourishing modern city, yet still manages to remain one of the key safari points of interest Africa-wide. Like Mombasa, a great variety of cultures can be found here, due to the diverse mix of tribes and races found in the city. In terms of nightlife, the city boasts an excellent array of restaurants and shops, while having a thriving local and international music scene. Situated just outside the city is the enormous Nairobi National Park, a wildlife reserve diverse in its varying terrains, including forests, rocky cliffs and plains. The park provides a home for countless numbers of animals including cheetahs, lions and rhinos, all just minutes from the city centre! Along with white water rafting, this represents a ‘must see’ for any visitor to the area.

There is a huge variety of activities on offer for anyone visiting the country, much of which is situated, rather conveniently, nearby the larger cities. The Tana River, for instance, offers an unparalled white water rafting experience for beginners and experts, with regular scheduled trips from Nairobi. Likewise, the historical roots and heritage of Mombasa are ripe for exploring – from tours of national monuments like Fort Jesus to scenic cruises through the harbour.

Away from the cities, great areas of natural beauty reveal themselves, including mountains, desert, lakes and forests. Mountain highlights include Mt Kenya (5199m), the second highest peak in Africa. Typical tours to the mountain include a trek to the easily reachable Point Lenana, at just 4985m high (!)


Malaria. As with all Sub-Sahara countries, be mindful of HIV/AIDS.

Entry Requirements

A visa is needed for entry into the country which can be obtained on arrival for a fee of US$50.

Gap Year Programmes

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