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The Just Student Jobs Country guide for gap year travel in Mozambique

Where to Go - Africa

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Population: 19,104,696 (taking into account the effect of AIDS)
Literacy rate: 40.1%
Life expectancy at birth: male –38.34 yrs, female –36.68 yrs
Infant mortality rate: 139.86 deaths/1,000 live births
Population growth rate: 1.47%
GDP growth rate: 10%
GDP per capita: £670
Unemployment: N/A
Inflation: 4%
TI index: 2.2
Climate: tropical to subtropical
Time: GMT + 2.
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz.

Websites: Pennsylvania State University (USA) has a good site from its African Studies program at Mozambique.html

The Mozambique tourist information guide can be found at

This was one of Africa’s poorest countries, debilitated by years of civil war and economic mismanagement until undertaking a series of much-needed reforms. The result was a quite startling GDP growth rate and prospects were good until recent floods wiped out whole towns and put the country back some two years. Recovery from the floods has been amazingly rapid and mostly at an everybody-pitch-in level. Some part of its international debt is in line to be cancelled, contributing to recovery and further progress. Political unrest continues with the two political movements Renamo and Frelimo still unable to come to terms, although the presidential and partliamentary elections in December 2004, which Frelimo won, was generally considered to be a free and fair election.

Portuguese is widely spoken, but efforts are being made to make English play a much more important part in things. The country has natural resources in abundance: hydropower, coal, natural gas and titanium. In 1995 the country signed an agreement with the Texas oil company of Enron to develop the Pande natural gas fields. This may have some beneficial results eventually, but clearing up the flood damage comes first. There is a crime problem. Refugees from conflicts in neighbouring countries contribute to the problems of a country getting itself back on its feet, as do recent outbreaks of cholera. Volunteer work can be found through VSO.

Entry requirements

You can get a visa through your local embassy. Work permits are obtained through your employer’s application.


Hepatitis A, Polio, Meningitis, Malaria and Yellow Fever. AIDS is widespread in this country, so take all precautions.

Tax and Insurance

Around 13%. Health insurance essential, preferably with a repatriation clause.

Gap Year Programmes

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