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The Just Student Jobs Country guide for gap year travel in South East Asia - Myanmar

Where to Go - South East Asia

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Population: 41,734,853 (including allowance for AIDS)

Literacy rate: 83.1%

Life expectancy at birth: male –53.6 yrs, female –56.29 yrs

Infant mortality rate: 75.3 deaths/1,000 live births

Population growth rate: 0.64%

GDP growth rate: 4.6%

GDP per capita: £800

Unemployment: 7.1%

Inflation: 38%

Climate: tropical monsoon; cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers (southwest monsoon, June to September); less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, lower humidity during winter (northeast monsoon, December to April).

Time: GMT + 6.5.

Electricity: 220/230 volts AC, 50Hz.


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Political problems continue in this, once the richest country in SE Asia. Efforts have been made to liberalise the economy, private enterprise still labours under many restrictions. When accessing the websites or searching on the net, remember that the Myanmar government has prohibited any political comments on websites and restricted access. Non-Myanmar-based sites may contain political content in opposition to the official stance. As always, make up your own mind.

The country is surrounded on the north, east and west by mountain ranges of up to 5,000m in height. The south is all coastline. This was once the richest country in SE Asia and still exports large quantities of teak, however, the biggest export is opium – some 2,340 tons in 1995 - providing 60% of US heroin imports. As a result of this, Myanmar has promised (aided by a lot of US money) to stamp out drugs by 2005. To this end, they are relocating 50,000 Wa tribesmen. In 1987 it was given least “developed status” by the UN. Check on the current political situation before travelling. Stay well away from any sort of political comment or, worse still, jokes.

Entry requirements

Passport valid for at least six months 28-day tourist visas can be issued on arrival for EU travellers.


Hepatitis A, Malaria, Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus and Yellow Fever.

Tax and Insurance

10% tax. Health insurance essential.

Gap Year Programmes

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Brunei | Cambodia | Indonesia | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Vietnam

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