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Students Should Consider Alternative Jobs

07 Jun 2017

Students urged to take time after their exams and not to worry about finding full time employment while studying for their degree.

Mary Curnock Cook, the outgoing Head of UCAS, in an interview with BBC 4's Today programme urged urged students - and parents - not to feel stressed if they took time to find suitable employment.

"I do think it's unhelpful that universities' success in preparing people for graduate employment is measured by the number of people who are in graduate jobs after six months." she told the BBC.

"Lots of people need time to find their niche in the 21st Century workplace."

"If you've done a more generalist degree in let's say, economics or English or business or science, there's just a huge array of opportunities and career paths and it takes time for it all to come together."

In an earlier interview with the Daily Telegraph, she stated there was no harm in students doing temporary, voluntary or non-graduate work after they graduated, adding there should be no rush to find full time employment..

Her comments follow rising concerns on if Universities are offering enough services to students struggling with mental health concerns. In September, the Higher Education Policy Institute urged institutions to review their mental health services.

Source: BBC News

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