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The Just Student Jobs Country guide for gap year travel in United States of America

Where to Go - United States of America

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Population : 293,027,571

Literacy rate : 97%

Life expectancy at birth : male 77.63 yrs, female 80.36 yrs

Infant mortality rate : 6.63 deaths /1,000 live births

Population growth rate : 0.92%

GDP growth rate : 3.1%

GDP per capita : £19,000

Unemployment : 6%

Inflation rate : 2.3%

Climate : generally temperate

Time : GMT -5 (Eastern), GMT -6 (Central), GMT -7 (Mountain), GMT -8 (Pacific Standard)

Electricity: 120V ,60Hz

Websites :

US news site


For helpful info on train travel across the US and north America, featuring advice for visitors and tips from other travellers, visit

It is easy to bow down to the constant attrition of negative press given to the USA by the British and European media: the portrait of the fattest, richest and crassest country in the world whose political sabre rattling (or in some cases outright unsheathing and headlong charging) has made firm enemies throughout the world. In reality the US is a juvenile country with the worlds’ biggest ethnic diversity, the highest levels of technology and some of the lowest levels of tolerance and degradation. In illustration, saying that New Yorkers are a little different to people in San Francisco is like saying people from Glasgow are different to people from Milan.

When you arrive here you will notice how culturally immersed we already are, so familiar are the landmark sites such as the Empire State, White House, Grand Canyon, Cisco Bridge, the Hollywood Hills down to the Florida Keys, that you’ll feel a bit like you have accidentally stepped into some vast movie set.

There really is no single characteristic - the country varies from state to state, or indeed county to county. The only underlying principle is enterprise, a general enthusiasm greeting most visitors and a level of hospitality so engineered that many Europeans think that is insincere. It’s not, you really are being wished a nice day. Let’s face it only a real cynic would think that service staff can appear to be that happy to see you, only to then go home and beat the dog.

In round up see everything, leave your pre-conceptions at home and you’ll have the time of your life.

Entry requirements

EU visitors must have a valid passport, which should be valid for at least six months longer than their intended stay.

Note : From 26 October 2005 onwards, travellers from the UK will need to present a biometric passport or US visa to enter the country. Further details and information on the changes to the visa system can be found at the US government visa website

There are some exchange programs available for working, etc. .


No special shots needed here.

Getting Around

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Gap Year Programmes

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